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Vanik Hakobyan


marina redinskaya
General secretary

Vahagn Harutyunyan
Executive secretary


Vanik Hakobyan
show judge & judge of working trials

Groups 1,2,3 & 9

Marina redinskaya
judge of working trials

Gor Eprikyan
show JUDGE

Groups 1 & 2

Hrach Hakobyan
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Groups 1,2,3,4 & 9



The organization is regarded a legal entity from the moment of its state registration.
The organization has separate property, individual balance, a stamp in Armenian, Russian and English languages, a brand, settlement bank account in the Republic of Armenia dram and foreign currencies, the organization can obtain property and non-property personal rights and bear responsibilities on its own behalf, can appear as plaintiff and respondent in the court.  The organization can have a symbol.
The organization makes its independent decisions on its structure, objectives, purposes and types of activities.
To fulfill its objectives and purposes, envisaged by the Charter, in the order, stipulated by law, the organization has right to:
a disseminate information on its activities,
b found mass media outlet,
c organize peaceful meetings without weapons, rallies, processions and demonstrations,
d present and protect the rights of the members and their lawful interests in other organizations, courts, state and self-government bodies,
e conduct entrepreneurial activities through companies, established by the organization,
f in the order, stipulated by law, purchase, lease and use real estate, transportation means and other property, not prohibited by law,
g implement independent activities abroad, including signing agreements with foreign non-government non-commercial organizations, become members of international non-governmental organizations, send its members and other persons abroad on business trips, invite citizens from other countries, establish separate divisions in foreign countries, respective to the country legislation.


•    Ensure security of public in cases of dogs attack or inappropriate behavior.
•    Enforce execution of special measures with certain dog breeds.
•    Impose penalties to the people or dog owners for cruel treatment to dogs of all breeds. 
•    Cooperate with all interested organizations and physical persons for fulfillment of its objectives and purposes.
•    Cooperate with other non-government organizations in the exchange of information, experience, organization of visits, joint activities.  Sign agreements with foreign non-commercial non-government organizations, become members of international non-government organizations.
•    Hold national and international dog shows.


Puppy Card

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Certificate of champion and junior champion of Armenia

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