MAY VICTORIES, CACIB 28.05.2019 All breed international dog show

SPRING, CACIB 29.05.2019 All breed international dog show


Address of showplace is 41 Manandyan str. Yerevan, Armenia. "Sportcomplex MIKA" Entrance for Chekhov Str.

Tel. for questions about dog show tel: 374 91 58 67 59, VIBER 374 55 58 67 59


The Candidate to Junior National Champion Title JCAC is being awarded to Junior Class winners, both male and female. Two JCAC Certificates obtained from the two different Judges are compulsory for the Junior Champion of Armenia Title awarding. However, the Junior Champion of Armenia Title may be awarded to a dog with the single JCAC Certificate if this Certificate was issued in the resident country FCI - Member or country FCI - Contract Partner.
The Candidate to National Champion Title CAC is being awarded to Intermedia, Open, Champion or Working Class winners, both male and female. It is obligatory to get two CAC Certificates 
at least 1 CAC in CACIB category dog show from different Judges to be awarded with theChampion of Armenia Title. If the dog won the National Champion award in resident country FCI - Member or FCI - Contract Partner countrie, it can be awarded with the Champion of Armenia Title within the single CAC Title.
The title Grand champion of Armenia is to be awarded to the dogs who have titles 2 x Champion of Armenia and 1 CAC certificate. or title Champion of Armenia,  National Champion award in resident country FCI - Member or FCI - Contract Partner countrie and 1 CAC


The Candidate to International Champion Title CACIB can be conferred to the Best Breed Representative dogs male and female during International Dog-Shows only. The CACIB Certificate obtained during Show has to be confirmed by FCI.


must have a valid passport and a veterinary health certificate of the country




The Armenian Dog Lovers Association was founded in 2009.
It is registered by the central authorityof the State Register of legal entities of the Republic of Armenia.
The Association provides free  of charge cynological consultations for all breeds.  The motto of the Association is “Love your dog, and you will have an infinitely devoted and faithful friend”.

The President of ADLA V. Hakobyan


  Download Partnership Contract between FCI and ADLA